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OTC Pain Medications

Curt Hendrix on the Dr. Tony O’Donnell Show:
March 19, 2017

Part 1:

      LongLife911 Curt Hendrix and Dr Tony 3-19-2017 part 1

Part 2:

      LongLife911 Curt Hendrix and Dr Tony 3-19-2017 part 2

Catch the LongLife911 Health Bulletin with Curt Hendrix on KCAA Radio with Dr. Tony O’Donnell.


LongLife911 Health Bulletin CHRONIC PAIN

CHRONIC PAIN: This episode focuses on chronic pain and the side effects of OTC medications. In addition, we highlight a few supplements that are shown to be effective for reducing and alleviating chronic pain.
Supplements mentioned are: Ginger extract with 5% Gingerols, Boswellia extract, Feverfew extract, Benfotiamine and P-5-P Vitamin B supplements. Listen to this 5 minute episode for more details and dosage recommendations.

The LongLife911 Health Bulletin featuring scientist Curt Hendrix, M.S., C.C.N., C.N.S.

      LongLife911 Health Bulletin 5-06-2016 Chronic Pain

You can hear the LongLife911 Health Report with Curt Hendrix on America’s Morning News with Matt Ray.